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Travelling is not just an urge to visit places to another. It is an adventure that usually starts from the mind. Thinking about where to travel is already a start of your travel. You can be imaginative enough to think about different beautiful places and what to do in there. Well, as for my case, I really love travelling to the UK. I have been to the beautiful city of Central London up to the Buckingham and several regions. Through these various travels, I have learned a lot of lessons which is about the right way to travel, the best place to stay and how to enjoy the travel without the need to spend much. And now, I think that it is time for me to share and impart those learning to those travelling aspirants. These are as follows:

Make an advance reservation – The UK is one of the most widely visited place by people coming from different parts of the world. Expect that there will be lots of tourists, so it would be best to make an advance reservation in hotels and airlines, most especially when it comes to summer.

Set the right expectations and wear the right attitude – Travel is indeed full of surprises and wonders. You should be prepared and open to experience new things while on the journey. Make sure to wear your best attitude is possible. English people are very hospitable, well educated and genuinely kind to tourists. Respect them for they will return you back the favour. Being demanding will not work for them, you should stay humble and kind as much as possible but not to the extent that you are not being yourself anymore. You should time to understand their culture for you to appreciate them as well.


It is advisable to stay in Bed and Breakfasts – Bed and Breakfasts come at a cheap price but the accommodation is usually lavish. Some of these B&B’s are private owned, so expect to share a common bathroom. However, it is an advantage to stay in a Bed and Breakfast because you can have the opportunity to talk with the home owners, dine with them and learn more of their culture. The concept of a bed and breakfast sometimes cannot be understood by first timers. When they talk about a Twin room, this refers to a room with two beds that can be occupied by one person. On the other hand, when they talk about double room, they mean a single room having two dingle beds that are for single person occupancy.


A visit outskirts of town – Being in the city alone is good, but the main attraction can be found mostly in the outskirts of town. Historical sites can be well appreciated in these certain areas. Much more, you can find bed and breakfasts that are cheaper as compared to those that are located in the city.

Do not miss their cuisine – If you are staying in a Bed and Breakfast accommodation, you are fortunate enough to try out their locally made breakfast foods. As an experience, English foods really differ by the way they cooked their foods but not matter how different it is being cooked, it still tastes good and delicious.



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Bed and Breakfasts usually take advantage of the way they treat customers. This is one of their strategies for them to ace other types of accommodations. Based on my experience from different B&B’s that I have checked in with, the staff are usually hospitable, go out of their way just to give you a warm welcome and are very friendly. However, the accommodation usually depends upon the property that you have dealt with. As in my case, I’ve been to three different kinds of accommodation like sharing a common room with your fellow traveller, eating together with them and even staying at a private owned residence.


Each Bed and Breakfast has their varied policies and it usually comes at a case to case basis. It would be best for you to inform them of your expected time of arrival for them to get ready. However, it is normal that at times we got hit by heavy traffic jams, unknown weather conditions that may affect our flight and so on. That is why it is very important to have a contact of the innkeeper or the staff for you to update them. There are check in and checkout times that you should consider, so informing the responsible people will be a wise move.

When it comes to travelling companion, most of these B&B’s are exclusive for adults only. Though there are some that allow children, but it would be best for you to ask them first before you make a deal. The same policy goes with pets. Pets are usually not allowed, but still there are some Bed and Breakfast that allow pets to enter, so still, it is a case to case basis.


Food can be at times included but some time it should be paid separately from the B&B rent. When it comes to food, you can always inform the innkeeper of what food you prefer. Say in my case, I am allergic to seafood, so, what I did was I informed them ahead of time to not serve me any seafood.  By that, they will be aware of what I want and did not like. Usually, breakfasts are served together with your fellow travellers. You can take the opportunity to make friends and learn more about the place that you are in through their experiences and stories. However, if you are a shy type kind of person and do not like the idea, you can always ask the inn keeper if it would be fine to serve it in bed. If you are having this plan in mind, just make sure to be extra careful not to spill anything most especially on the carpet. But still, accidents happen, so just be honest to immediately inform the inn keeper or the staff for them to take actions on it right away.


Furthermore, when it comes to travelling tips in the place that you are in, one of the best persons to ask is the innkeeper. They are usually locals and for sure they know a lot of places in their area that are worth visiting.


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If you are travelling on a tight budget, checking in at a Bed and Breakfast Accommodation is not a bad thing to do. I love travelling; it is my hobby and it keeps me happy most especially if travelling with friends. It makes me so excited to go and visit different cities, enjoy the view and the people as well as their culture and a lot more. These are the usual reasons why people go on a travel and checking in to expensive hotels are not really that common. That is why Bed and Breakfast Accommodations are the most stayed places by travellers.


Through travelling, I learned a lot of things, most especially when it comes to budgeting. Travelling in different parts of the United Kingdom makes me realize the importance of checking in to Bed and Breakfasts. It is not just because of the cheap price but because of the kind of accommodation that they have that is similar and can be compared to expensive hotels. Now, if you are just new to travelling and checking in to a Bed and Breakfast Accommodation, you might want to expect and consider the following:

Room sizes – By staying in different Bed and Breakfast Accommodations, I realized that they share one concept when it comes to the size of the room which is small. Their rooms are just enough to accommodate the number of persons that can fit in (for groups) or enough for a single occupancy. Of course, what would you expect since these rooms are designed for an overnight stay? Moreover, there are some B&B’s that I have stayed with that have spacious rooms. Which made me think that maybe the room sizes come at a case to case basis depending on the space available and the style that tje owner prefers.


The room designs – B&B usually have traditional designed rooms wherein you can appreciate antiques, bespoke furniture, individually designed rooms and more. However, nowadays, there are rooms that already have a touch of modernization most especially when it comes to the bath room ad well as the television.


Not the typical kind of breakfast – Most Bed and Breakfast offers homemade communal breakfast.  You will enjoy lavish type of food that they serve. This is also one of the many things that made me come and stay at a B&B because of the food. Also, we can never avoid getting to know other travellers during breakfast and enjoy their company while eating.

Your home away from home – Most Bed and Breakfast Accommodations are patterned and designed similarly like a home. I have noticed that in every B&B that I have checked in with, their staff are friendly, hospitable and accommodating making the experience more fun. Also, there are some B&Bs that conceptualize their room  as what a usual house room would be for the sake of the traveller to have enough rest and good night sleep. It is also expected that the area is peaceful and quiet, making you feel like you are staying in a residential or rural set up.



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One of the best ways to wind up and to be relieved from stress is to travel and explore the world. Travelling, however need not to be expensive most especially if your budget is just enough. That is why it is very important to plan your travel ahead including the date, the place and your accommodation to at least have an idea of the expenses and the amount that you should secure. As a first time traveller, you should be wise in choosing the place to stay. Staying at expensive hotels is not bad at all but as I have mentioned, if you are on a tight budget, checking in to bed and breakfast is fantastic.

Well, in my case, it is very natural and practical to travel not just to have a good rest but to also appreciate and explore the wonders of the place that they I am in. That is why I would highly recommend staying at Bed and Breakfast to achieve my travel goals while resting in a place like home. When I travel, I usually jump in to Bed and Breakfast because of the cheaper price but the accommodation can be a bit similar to that of the hotel.  If you are a first time traveller, you might want to consider the following list of Bed and Breakfast that I have been with in different places in the UK.

2245514_6_bThe Garth Hotel – What I like about The Garth Hotel is that it is located in the heart of London, more specifically at the Bloomsbury Central London. Its location is very accessible and convenient to Oxford Street, The British Museum and a lot more spots to travel. Thus, considering you as a first time traveller; it would be an advantage to stay near the target travel area. The room though is quite small but it is just enough for a short stay. They have the friendliest and most hospitable staff which made my stay even more special and stress free. For the price range of £59* per night, you will surely love your stay with a delicious homemade breakfast that awaits you in the morning.

MasterTopFront22316House Forty One – If you are planning to visit the beautiful place of Buckinghamshire, staying at House Forty One is the best B&B accommodation that I can recommend you with. I really love how their staff treats their guests with hospitality and genuine kindness. It is conveniently located at Aylesbury. I can describe the place as a traditional house with a touch of modern facilities making your stay more convenient for just the price of roughly around £38*.


Silverstone Guest House – If you are planning to travel in South East England, specifically at Northamptonshire, United Kingdom () then the Silverstone Guest House is best for you. This bed and breakfast accommodation even got awards for excellence; that is why I was very curious about this place and so I tried. Well, I can say that my stay in this bed and breakfast was superb. The facilities are great together with their staff that are friendly and very accommodating. They even offer free Wi-Fi to guests! From £80 per night, you will surely have a blast during your stay.


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